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Why is a Pure Pashmina So Expensive?

Ever went on to buy an authentic pashmina from a trusted seller but started to think if it really does cost THAT MUCH? And why so?


Fret not, we have you covered!

Pashmina has been around for centuries. And no, I’m not talking about every other product that is sold in the market for cheap labelled as a pashmina. That 4 hazar ki shawl with embroidery that the seller insists is authentic pashmina, baji 100 feesad asli, is NOT a pure pashmina. A 100% pure pashmina product has been revered for centuries by Kings and Queens, royal subjects, celebrities and dignitaries and it is not widely available. But what makes it so special and so damn expensive?

Firstly, you have to know what exactly the "pashmina fabric" is and what sets it apart. 

Where does Pashmina come from?

A native Kashmiri goat, called a Changthangi or Ladakh Pashmina, lives in the highlands of Kashmir region. Every year during spring, as the goat naturally  sheds its undercoat, the finest wool is collected with utmost care. These hairs measure around 12 to 15 microns in thickness, compare this to the finest sheep wool fabric that is 23 microns.

(Read more about the history of pashmina here)

pashmina goat

The pashmina fabric is about SIX TIMES FINER THAN HUMAN HAIR! Imagine this!


So a 100% pashmina product will only have fibres made from this special breed of goats, and does not contain any other impurities. It can be DNA tested in the laboratories across the world to check for this purity.

What makes it so soft?

The finest wool that is collected is then spinned, weaved, and made into a final product and all of this is done BY HAND traditionally since the product is very fine.

pure pashmina

When you own a pashmina, it will be the softest product you own!

How do you know that you are buying the real one?

Even though we will post separately on how to spot and differentiate between a real pashmina and fake one, we urge you to always buy it through trusted sellers. Authentic pashminas are not widely available and only a few retailers will have them. If someone is selling it to you for very cheap, know that it is too good to be real. 

Do you know now what it makes it so special and expensive?

The delicate process that a real pashmina goes through adds so much to its cost that it can never be sold at a cheap price. It might be expensive, but it will always remain the most valuable item you own. If cared for properly, you can pass it through generations and it will still retain its quality!

Do you want to own an authentic pashmina?

At Zooni, we aim at selling you the highest quality 100% pure, DNA tested, pashmina. These are available as plain pashmina shawls, pashmina wraps and pashmina mufflers so far.

pure pashmina in pakistan

The high quality of these pashmina is guaranteed and you will not find any discrepancies in the material. We mention cross pashmina and merino wool (cashmere) varieties separately in the description box of each. Even our 100% pure merino wool is so soft that according to Pakistani market standards it can be falsely labeled as 'shahtoosh' (Pro tip: The price of Shahtoosh shawls is in tens of thousands and lacs, so whoever is selling shahtoosh in 4 thousand rupees is a wrong number!). 

How to place an order?

Now that's the easy part. You can head on to and check our latest variety of pashmina and merino wool shawls and wraps. Order directly through our website and enjoy the incredible discounts given to you on our products. We offer easy exchange and money back guarantee in case of a faulty product. If you don't want to place order through website, whatsapp us on our number 030-333-96664 and we'll do it for you!


ORDER NOW at We hope our products bring you joy and happiness!


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