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Original Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl: A Luxury in Pakistan

Do you wish to own an original Kashmiri shawl in Pakistan made with pure pashmina? Fret not. We, at Zooni Kashmir Originals, have you covered.

An original Kashmiri shawl made from pure Himalayan pashmina fibres is considered a luxury in Pakistan, and is owned by only a small percentage of people. But what makes a Kashmiri shawl, in particular a pure pashmina shawl, such a rare commodity and why should you order an original Kashmiri shawl online in Pakistan right now?

What's a Pure Pashmina Shawl?

First and foremost, pashmina is not an umbrella term and not every other pashmina shawl you see in the market is an actual pashmina. 

In the highlands of Ladakh, a breed of goats called the Changthangi goats have a warm, thick undercoat that they shed every year to provide the world's finest pashmina. It is only this particular variety of pashmina goats that can provide pure pashmina, and not any other species. Since the downy undercoat of multiple goats is combed to collect the amount of pashmina required to make one, single shawl, this labour intensive process adds immensely to the cost of these pashmina shawls.



 What's the difference

between Cashmere and Pashmina?

Cashmere, derived from the word Kashmir (referring to the region of Kashmir in South Asia), is an umbrella term covering different types of wool obtained from the goats or lambs in Kashmir. It is well known for its softness and insulating properties.

Pashmina, derived from the word pashm, is a particular type of wool obtained from the thick undercoat of the Changthangi pashmina goats found in the northern part of Kashmir, particularly the Ladakh region. This is the real pashmina fibre, that is luxurious and hard to obtain. 

Where to get an original Kashmiri shawl in Pakistan?

Getting Kashmiri shawls, in particular a pure pashmina shawl in Pakistan, is a tricky business. This is because of the huge volume of fake, cheap copies available widely in the market. To the common public, it makes it extremely difficult to get your hands on the original product. 


Therefore, the most important thing to make sure while you are buying an original Kashmiri shawl is to get in touch with a trusted seller.

There are renowned places in Pakistan where you can get an original Kashmiri shawl online in Pakistan as well.

We, at Zooni Kashmir Originals, provide money-back guarantee that all the products that we sell are authentic Kashmiri products. Therefore, you do not have to think twice before ordering anything from us online. 


Shop now at and see for yourself.

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